New day, New life, New luck

A wedding is coming. Your wedding.

Do not miss the chance to prepare a wedding gift registry. If yo do not make such a list, you risk getting things you do not actually need and to make it as difficult as possible for your guests to choose a present for you. And every one of them really wants to make you happy. Some of you might prefer practical and useful stuff, whereas others like extravagant and unusual gifts. This is the reason why wedding gift lists are to be left in stores, that offer varied products for every taste. It is a good thought to include the store contact details in the wedding invitation. Do not leave this decision for the last two weeks. This should be done at least two months before the wedding, so that you could leave the guests with enough time to decide what to give you for this occasion. Do not hesitate to include expensive products in your list, because those can be paid by more than one guest. Every gift bought will be marked as such in the list and there is not a chance to be chosen a second time.

Emailing the wedding gift list or publishing on the Internet along with the address and website of the chosen store, is a practical and convenient solution for our dynamic way of life. In case you have already decided to create your wedding gift list, contact us using the contact details provided.

We will help you to draw up the list, to choose your desired gifts and for the list to reach your guests. After all this has been done, we will take care for your guests to be completely facilitated.

Each chosen gift will be properly wrapped and delivered to an address, specified by your guests. We will also attach a greeting card to it, including your guests' wishes to you.

If you or your guests would like so, we also offer the option for gift vouchers to be bought.