Dear Customers,

In case you would like to return the merchandise bought, please familiarize yourself with your rights and fill in the form in our SITE.

Within 14 days you have the right to cancel your distance selling CONTRACT unconditionally, without having to pay any costs, except the cost for delivery, in case you have chosen a delivery option, different from the standard, cheapest one, which the PROVIDER uses to deliver ORDERS, as well as the cost for sending the merchandise back.

The 14-day period starts on the date:

  • of concluding the CONTRACT – when SERVICES have been contracted.
  • of receipt of the merchandise by the USER /CUSTOMER/ or by a third party, other than the carrier.

Within 14 days of the requested cancellation of the CONTRACT, the USER/CUSTOMER has to return the merchandise to the PROVIDER. Within 14 days from the date, when they have been notified by the USER/CUSTOMER of their decision to cancel the CONTRACT, the PROVIDER has to refund all amounts, paid by the USER/CUSTOMER, including the delivery costs. The refund is to be processed the same way, used by the USER/CUSTOMER in the initial transaction, except in the case when the USER/CUSTOMER has agreed to anther refund method. From the amount, which the USER/CUSTOMER has paid according to the CONTRACT, shall be deducted the amount for delivery of the merchandise, except when the USER/CUSTOMER has returned the merchandise on their own expense and has notified the PROVIDER about that.

Possible exceptions of the right of cancellation of the CONTRACT:

  • for delivery of merchandise, which due to its nature may deteriorate or have a short shelf life.
  • for delivery of sealed merchandise, which have been unsealed after delivery and can not be returned due to reasons regarding hygiene and health protection.
  • for delivery of merchandise, which after being delivered and due to its nature has been mixed with other merchandise, from which it can no longer be separated.
  • for products, being part of a set, which are being returned separately and not as a set. The boxes and the protective packaging are to be considered part of thew product.

The USER/CUSTOMER may return the merchandise bought and still has the right to receive a partial refund for the amount paid for the products, if they are in a condition, which will reduce their resale value (do not contain all components, do not have the original documentation and/or other reasons, which change the original product).