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For the Bulgarians living abroad life is full of new ideas, meeting new people, personal and work challenges and opportunities. But we know that all that cannot compensate the lack of a mother’s hug, afternoon coffee with good old friends, sharing moments of joy from the time spent with grandma and grandpa, and many other things, which we can call “Bulgarian”.

It often happens so, that someone close and loved by you has a celebratory occasion coming, but the distance will not allow you to be with them on that day. Here at Holiday@Home we all think, that the smile on a loved one’s face is what could warm your heart at such moments.

For you, we offer the “Give a smile to a loved one” service. Here is how it works:

  • The service can be used by registered users of the SITE /CUSTOMERS/. Besides the choice and purchase of products from the SITE, it would be necessary to send an email to with subject “Gift”.
  • In this email you need to put the number of your order. If you wish for us to add a gift card, please also add your wishes in the email as well, also the occasion, so that we can choose an appropriate card. If you leave the choice of the card to us it will be free of charge, but if you wish to choose it yourself, you may do so from category Decor -> Frames and Albums -> Cards. We will wrap the gift you have chosen, we will add the gift card with your wishes on it and we will deliver it to the address specified by you in your order.
  • When possible and if you desire so, the gift will even be delivered on a day, specifically chosen by you.

You should bear in mind that when ordering such a gift from abroad, the payment has to be made via bank transfer and delivery will only be possible after the amount has been cleared on our account.

If you wish so, you could also use the “Gift voucher” and “Gift ideas” services.

For any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details provided.