No holiday is a holiday without presents!

The choice of a present is a though one.

Did you know that a significant amount of people, who are about to attend a celebration, somehow panic because of that? Why is that? No, it is so not because of the first question that pops into their mind - „What to wear?”. The answer is completely different and is related to the fact that finding original gifts takes quite some time, which we have less and less in our hectic life, and some thinking, for which a „fresh head” is required.

If you would like to make a special gift and do not have the time, please contact us using the contact details provided. When we get the necessary requirements from you (price range, occasion, a short description of the person, whose present we are to choose), we will offer you ideas and when/if you place an order for the chosen present, we will deliver it to the address you have specified.

You can also use the service „Gift ideas” in the case when you would like to give a present to a friend, but you can not do it personally. The product offered by us and chosen by you will be delivered to the address you have specified.

If you would like a greeting card to be added to your present, we can do that too, containing your own text or one we have offered and you have approved.