Easter Collection
 Annual Easter Edition Bowl 2019
DESCRIPTION  Annual Easter Edition Bowl 2019   Manufacturer: Villeroy ..
 Spring Fantasy small bowl Anna
DESCRIPTION  Spring Fantasy small bowl Anna   Manufacturer: Villeroy &..
Annual Easter Edition Mug 2019
 DESCRIPTION  Annual Easter Edition Mug 2019   Manufacturer: Vill..
Annual Easter Edition Plate 2019
DESCRIPTION  Annual Easter Edition Plate 2019   Manufacturer: Villeroy..
Clever Cooking Serving plate with rack
DESCRIPTIONClever Cooking Serving plate with rackManufacturer: Villeroy & BochDETAILSMaterial: P..
Colourful Spring  Bowl 750 ml
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Bowl 750 ml   Manufacturer: Villeroy &am..
Colourful Spring  Breakfast Plate  220 mm
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Breakfast Plate  220 mm   Manufacturer:&..
Colourful Spring  Large Jar
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Large Jar   Manufacturer: Villeroy &..
Colourful Spring  Plate 27 cm
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Plate 27 cm   Manufacturer: Villeroy &am..
Colourful Spring  Small Jar
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Small Jar   Manufacturer: Villeroy &..
Colourful Spring  Underplate  32 cm
DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Underplate  32 cm   Manufacturer: V..
Colourful Spring  Vase / Candleholder 10.5 cm
 DESCRIPTION Colourful Spring  Vase / Candleholder 10.5 cm   Manufactu..
Colourful Spring Gobelin Placemat Snowdrop 32x48cm
DESCRIPTIONColourful Spring Gobelin Placemat Snowdrop 32x48cmManufacturer: Villeroy & BochD..
Mariefleur Textile Accessoires Gobelin Bread Basket 15 x 23 cm
 DESCRIPTION  Mariefleur Textile Accessoires Gobelin Bread Basket 15 x 23 cm &nb..
Mariefleur Textile Accessories Gobelin Runner 50 x 150 cm
 DESCRIPTION   Mariefleur Textile Accessories Gobelin Runner 50 x 150 cm  ..
Spring  Awakening  Large bowl
DESCRIPTION Spring  Awakening Large  bowl   Manufacturer: Villero..
Spring  Awakening Large  bowl  0.900 ml
DESCRIPTION Spring  Awakening Large  bowl  0.900 ml  Manufacturer:&nbs..
Spring  Awakening ornaments 3- piece set
DESCRIPTION Spring  Awakening ornaments 3- piece set Manufacturer: Villeroy &..
Spring  Awakening small bowl
DESCRIPTION Spring  Awakening small bowl   Manufacturer: Villeroy &..
Spring Awakenig Accessories Gobelin Runner 32 x 96 cm
DESCRIPTION  Spring Awakenig Accessories Gobelin Runner 32 x 96 cm    ..
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